With the launch of this concept, we were eager to revert to one of the historical core tasks of the profession of a pharmacists, being the development of own formulas.

The traditional pharmacist has always been known the confidant who’s able to offer a specific solution for each ailment or disorder. Because of the exhaustive pharmaceutic knowledge a perfect mix of plants and herbs was sort out of made to measure for the patient. Formulas have been passed to from generation to generation. Afterwards everything was prepared according to the rules of the Galenic art and was neatly packed with the corresponding label. The pharmacist in question always delivered his formula with custom advice which is up till now still expected.

Inspired through ancient tradition the idea of the quality label Laboratoire Artisanal, existing of food supplements, came into being. Laboratoire stands for the specific place where health products are developed with accurate precision and legitimate scientific knowledge. Artisanal Laboratoire refers to authenticity and the origin of our receipts of several generations of pharmacists in our team.

During the development of this range the team always reflected critically about the ecological aspect. Therefore we developed the first range of products on the Belgian market which allows to refill the used packages. Furthermore all packages are recyclable.

The combinations of the above mentioned aspects result in budget friendly and high-qualitative products.